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Green and Yellow


At PinePoint, we want to change the course of traditional marketing. Our grand expertise is in tailoring the typical marketing strategies to a more unique and fun experience by utilizing our drive and creativity to mirror the individuality of our clients while providing the ease and competitive edge in all of our work. 

Our mission is to have our work ethic and standard stand out from the crowd - hopefully exemplifying the power of the pineapple! The value we provide in our curated campaigns stems from our capacity to go back to the basics whenever necessary and systematically assess our processes. We believe our distinction comes from our vision, dedication, and enthusiasm to provide effective deep-rooted memorable experiences.

We strive to keep our energy well represented in each of our campaigns. We are excited to see whom else we can meet to bring their positivity and match our enthusiasm.

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The pineapple originally calls Brazil it's home. It spread from there due to the movements of the Tupi Indians, who also took it throughout parts of South and Central America as well as some surrounding islands. It was the Portuguese and Spanish who spread it throughout the world such as the Caribbean, Malaysia, the tropical parts of Asia, and India. In fact, it was the Spanish who eventually gave the fruit the name “pineapple” due to their appearance, as they resembled pine cones. It is a symbol of worldwide unity - over a fruit, no less! The pineapple came to be recognized as a fruit symbolizing friendship and hospitality. Families would hang pineapples outside their homes to perfume the entryway and make it welcoming to guests. It was an edible invitation!

However, to PinePoint Marketing, it means a little bit more than that. Pineapples symbolize our ultimate goal to take our branding global - helping the various international and national charities make greater and more profound impacts. The pineapple represents ambitions, and dreams, and passions to be cherished and built upon.

Also, pineapple puns wear the crown on jokes: What happened after the conifer fell in love at the orchard?

A pineapple tree.

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